July 8, 2007

Hi guys! i need YOUR help!!!!!!!!!

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HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! do me a favor guys,  🙂 look,i have helped u with items and all that stuff,i need you now,ok,as you can see there is a little information about KORNARESO!!!!! well he is not helping me like he is supposewd to,i made this whole thing on my own,all he did was add things about him!!!!!!!! i need you guys to tell me how to remove that information!!!!!!!!!!!!! please! new people who coem to this blog think that kornareso is doing some of this,please please please please please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tell me how to remove this info!!!!! im begging you! 😦 😦 😦


July 7, 2007

New Hard hat and pin

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Here is the new pin:Water droplet,its on the leaf of the plant

Water droplet

Here is the old hard hat,u can dance with it on and u will start drilling with a jack hammer

Hard hat

also,as u can see the room is flooded with water,this water is coming from the….

CAVE! remember when the crab knocked the glass because of the storm and accidentely broke the glass? well now they are fixing it and the storm is getting stronger! so the window is breaking!

Cave flood!!!!!!

hehe…the whole place is a pool lol

June 22, 2007

Storm In CP?

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As you can see the skies are full of clouds


There is Lightning in the sky too

Storm 2!!

RockHopper’s items and pin

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The new Pin is in the Ski Lodge on behind the couch

New picnic basket pin

Here are RockHopper’s items,as usual there is a free item,but most of  us already have it

RockHopper’s items sold in deck

I also saw some water balloons in theBoiler Room,i cant seem to find a way to get them

water balloons

June 18, 2007

Good news!!!!!!

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Good news!! not sure u care!! but im a member again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im allowed to be one kind of staring to play cp again…so i stattrted my membership again

June 17, 2007

Bad news… :(

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I have bad news,i dont think you guys care but anyway. I had to stop my membership!

This is me when i was a member

 Me as member

Now look!! all my clothes are concealed! i can put them on! only the ones that were free non member items i can wear 😦

 Non member

Flowers and glasses

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New green sunglasses

Here are the new green glasses,They are at tnhe Night club

Flowers for head

These are the flwoers you put on your head,at the beach

June 13, 2007

Free Rubber duck

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Free rubber duck

Here is the new rubber duck,find it at the cove,If u dance with it on you can do a swimming motion

June 10, 2007

Here are the new items!

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Ice cream apron 

This Is the new apron,if u wear it you can make ice cream like me in there,You can find this apron at the forest =) 🙂

 New Blue LeiThat’s the Blue Lei, it was 1 of the first items in club penguin,but it has come out again!,It’s at the Ski Village.With the Blue Lei you can dance as you can see i am in the picture by pressing the dance button.

By the way don’t forget,check my funny pictures page,I am making many new ones now, and i have many more up me sleeve,keep checking it!!

June 8, 2007

New Surf board pin

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New surf board pin!

 I know Im late,Read past comments to understand,anyway here is the new surfing board pin,its at thge beacon,It is At the top onf the lighthouse stuck in the leaves,move your mouse over it and it will fall…

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