October 9, 2007

i have a new website about kingdom hearts!

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check it out


September 1, 2007

New stufffffffffffffffffffffff

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OK here is one thing, the new pin is in the Boiler room. Like so.

baseball pin

Another thing,the sportss shop has a new cover for da catalog

Catalog in sports shop

Alrght,one more thing i didt have time to take a pic of is when you buy a surf board in the catalog you can use it in the ballistic biscuit and that dumb surfing game,………sorry im in a really sad mood now…………………….andi wont say why here…… 😦

August 24, 2007

Camping Party

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There is one free item at the cove,its the marshmallows


August 18, 2007

New stuff

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Here is the new Pin,  Its at the Mine

Tent pin

Here are the new items Rockhopper brought with him

Rockhopper’s items

I found a message in The LightHouse from RockHopper

message from rockhoper

August 8, 2007

New mission!!!!

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New mission has arrived!

new mission!


August 3, 2007

New butterfly pin

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Hi the new Butterfly pin is at the forest

Butterfly pin

Hehe!! im not a member again! i might be a member again, i do this to save money


August 2, 2007

secret agent stuff I found out

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Here are some things i found when i was checking out the secret agent HQ

here is whats on the board now


Ok here are some secrets i found out when you check out the F.I.S.H (Factual information spy handbook) anyway on the front cover but the inner part of it you will see a picture of a spy penguin there are some words hidden,highlight them like i did to seee them

1 thing i forgotthere it is,under welcome to i forgot to underline (the PSA)

anyway remember a post i sent? it was about a symbol?  wheree if u click on it it explains andthere are diifferent secret messages all the time!! Many people didnt under stand it so here you go

1’st step(click on the last one with a o in a upside down L)

a message will pop up

1st step

2nd step (Ignore the message and close it,then go to the page before and click the same symbol,i have put it in red circles

2nd step

3’rd step ( keep clicking the symbol and many of the letters  will start  dissapearing, a not will come out,its always different depending on what will happen,like this one is a clue on the new mission,sounds like Gary’s thinking,anyway check out the rest of the pics,keep clicking the symbol)

3′rd step

4th step( as you can see the words are starting to dissapear)    Just keep clicking the symbol

4th step

5th step (Just keep clicking untill all of the words and letters can dissapear,there will be some that dont dissapear when no more dissappear u try make out the clue ) The Clue Here IS ((( PAPER CLIPS ARE USEFUL TOO)))

last step

((( PAPER CLIPS ARE USEFUL TOO))) Thats the code,, 🙂 see ya!


July 27, 2007

Rockhoppers back

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here are the new items he is bringing

new rockhopper items

and here is the new cart surfer pin

new cart pin see it? on the piano? on the cover of the piano,anyway bye bye!!!

July 22, 2007


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😦 sorry,it seems im not helping too many people soooooo…….im closing the website down 😦 bye

July 14, 2007

water party!!

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woohoo! its finnaly here! i need to show you some cool things!

first is a umbrella hat free at the coffee shop

Umbrella hat

Next,remember the mine and pool was starting to flood? well now its completely flooded!!!! lol its been  closed! look

underground closedundergropund closed pic 2

anyway,they are thinking of ways to get rid o this water,thats why there are pipes and hoses coming from the mine going to all over club penguin,look

i even found something out!,now instead of throwing snowballs we throw water balloons!

water ballons being throw by mesee?

anyway,check out my new funny picture in my funny pics page

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